Portrait of Bia Medici, daughter of Cosimo I by Agnolo Bronzino

Portrait of Bia Medici, daughter of Cosimo I by Agnolo Bronzino

Painting by Angelo Bronzino “Portrait of Bia Medici, daughter of Cosimo I”. The size of the painting is 59 x 45 cm, wood, tempera. The fortieth years of the 16th century, marking the beginning of the next phase of the feudal Catholic reaction in Italy, are marked by the stabilization of the feudal-monarchical regime in the Italian states and the revitalization of the papal Rome, which leads the organized offensive of the ruling circles to the entire Renaissance heritage in the political and spiritual life of the country.

Pope Paul III Farnese introduces church censorship, restores the activities

of the Inquisition; In the late 1530’s, the Jesuit order arose, which became the vanguard of the Catholic reaction. It reaches its apogee in the 1950s and 1970s, when the church, relying on the Inquisition, takes the path of mass terror in the struggle against all progressive forces of society. The dominant genre in painting is the ceremonial portrait. Bronzino, having been a court painter since 1539, paints portraits of members of the Medici family, close-knit VIPs, the top of the aristocracy.

Portrait of Cosimo the First’s daughter, written in 1542, strikes with genuine sincerity, the purity of perception of the world around and the touching tenderness of the young princess. The artist created a rare for that time, thin in perception, the psychological image of a teenage girl.

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