Noah’s Ark by Vladislav Provotorov

Noahs Ark by Vladislav Provotorov

The theme of “The Ark” was programmed not only for the artist himself, but also for the composer of the ARK group Oleg Makeev who released the album of the same name with the music for the paintings of Provotorov, and for the President of the cultural center “The Ark of the New Testament” Alexander Sploshnov, where in recent years these canvases.

Semantic lines, stretched to the previous paintings of Provotorov, come together in the Ark, erected to the top of the Tower of Babel. This is a fascinating and mysterious creation, in which the wrath of God is presented as a harmony in its

unapproachable harmony.

For any manifestations of human nature, the Devil has provided countless transitions and bizarre orders of the Tower, which is about to cover the tsunami of the Flood. But for some unknown reason, its upper arches are turned into a wild, uncut stone, over which the majestic and simple Ark simultaneously rises. Only he will be able to sail on the roaring waves of the Doomsday, only for him is the dawn of the unquenchable Sun. And only his humanity can really convey to the coming eons.

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