Bread by Tatyana Yablonskaya

Bread by Tatyana Yablonskaya

The painting “Bread”, written by the famous Soviet artist Tatiana Yablonskaya in 1949, is one of the most popular of her paintings. The artist in the picture depicted the period of Soviet rural life a few years after the end of the Great Patriotic War. Despite the difficulties of the recovery period, the mood of the picture is joyful and positive.

The surrounding landscape – the forest in the distance and a small piece of the sky occupies a very small part of the canvas: they do not distract from the main action depicted in the picture – the work of collective farmers in harvesting. The main hero of the picture is, of course, grain, bread – they are strewn all around.

In the foreground, the artist portrayed two women who collect a gold placer grain of bread in bags. They have a happy face on their faces, they are happy and happy with the warm weather, good useful work, a wonderful rich harvest. One of the women in a green skirt, shirt and shawl, tie a ready filled bag, and the other rolls up sleeves, apparently interfering with work.

A little behind, there are still women who also fill bags with grain and men putting bags into cars. All are engaged in one common affair, are infected with one general positive attitude, so that any spectator feels it. It can be seen that such work for the common good is not a burden, but, on the contrary, it charges with additional energy and a great mood.

Tatyana Yablonskaya very truthfully depicted on the canvas a joyful life that unites all. This joy comes from within: from unity for the sake of the common cause, from satisfaction with the right work, beauty, youth and health. Painting “Bread” is a song that praises folk work, inspiring to feats for the happiness of the whole people. After writing this picture Yablonskaya acquired real fame and received the Stalin Prize.

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