A gust of wind by Camille Corot

In the film “A gust of wind” with its gloomy sky, sweeping dark clouds, knocked down in one direction by branches of trees and an ominous orange-yellow sunset, everything is

The hay by Camille Corot

The painting belongs to the time of the highest flowering creativity Koro. The everyday motive – a cart in a field on a wet road after a rain – is

Rocks in Amalfi by Camille Corot

The motif of rocks is infrequent in the art of Corot, which usually evokes in the mind the image of some vague, foggy, cloudy environment. Meanwhile, this motif attracted the

Robber by Camille Corot

Purity and sincerity – these are the features that are for Koro main in man. Hence his repeated appeal to the images of children. Bachelor Kor searched for family joys

Letter by Camille Corot

“There is a certain spirit of simplicity in him,” said P. Valerie, painter. And he added: “The poet is born in Coro surprisingly early.” The desire for simplicity and poetry