From century to century by Ivan Goryushkin-Sorokopudov

From century to century by Ivan Goryushkin Sorokopudov

At the beginning of the 20th century, Russia experienced a Russian cultural renaissance, now known as the Silver Age. Gradually, in our everyday life, the canvases of artists return, whose mastery was formed during this period. Among them, works by AI Vakhrameev, NF Petrova from the Penzenskaya Picture Gallery. K. A. Savitsky.

The remarkable merit of the art gallery is the most complete collection of works by Honored Artist of the RSFSR IS Goriushkin-Sorokopudov. The emergence of Goryushkin as an artist falls to the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when creative searches for new forms

of expressive and pictorial language were conducted in art.

Ivan Silych did not stay away from these searches. However, the real basis of his work is the realistic traditions with which he met at the Academy of Arts, in the workshop of Repin. Studying the history and life of Russia, the artist made numerous trips to Uglich and Rostov.

Impressions from these trips are reflected in numerous sketches depicting the architecture of monasteries and churches with lone figures of nuns and novices. A special generalization of these impressions was the picture “From the cult of the past”, which had the author’s title “From century to century”.

The corner of the old belfry opens before us. The sun’s rays draw attention to the figure of a monk chatting with pigeons. The other, facing the sun, peers into the vast expanses. Forever man’s desire for light…

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