Did not take a fishing trip by Oleg Popovich

Did not take a fishing trip by Oleg Popovich

The paintings of this artist, in most cases, are distinguished not only by their vivid color presentation, but also by the striking similarity of the drawn characters, and the situations that are depicted. One of my favorite paintings of this artist is the work entitled “Do not have to go fishing”, it is in my opinion imbued with sincerity and sadness, and maybe even a child’s insult.

In this picture, the artist tried to show us the situation in which each of us may have been, especially in childhood. We often want something so badly that when it does not come true, we are incredibly frustrated

and disappointed. This canvas depicts a little boy, in his eyes you can see an incredible insult, and he is offended at his father, and maybe his older brother, who did not take the kid to go fishing. I immediately drew the plot of this canvas, and I clearly introduced the boy, as he urges his father to take him with him, but apparently his father considered him not old enough to take a fishing trip.

It is not unlikely that the father did not specifically take the younger son, it may have been important for him to be left alone with the eldest for educational purposes. It seems to me that the father even tried to explain to the younger son why he could not go with them, but the children’s resentment from this only became bigger and clearer.

The guy is depicted with a small bucket, in which he so carefully collected the bait. The guy scratches his head in confusion, because he does not know what to do, because he so wanted to fish. We see how the figures of the father and the elder brother are seen beyond the horizon, and it seems to us that the boy is about to follow in pursuit. We also see that the older brother looked back at the boy and in his view there is neither compassion nor pity for the youngest offense, on the contrary, he is overwhelmed by a sense of pride that his father chose him for fishing.

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