Birth of fluid desires by Salvador Dali

Birth of fluid desires by Salvador Dali

Painting The birth of fluid desires, a description… The violence of colors is rejected by a brush. Thoughts are blown up by surrealism. Through destiny they follow the red thread of the Soul full of people in the land by pofigism… Marina Grishina

The surrealistic painting of Salvador Dali is symbolic and impregnated with the oozing subtext of sexuality mixed with asexuality and the distortion of nature. This work, no more than others, is abnormal and oversaturated with a deep sense of being.

Only this reality is woven out of vices in which the pure body of a woman is placed, the one that

froze in a kiss with a hermaphrodite, in the center are picturesque. It is the artificial placement of the unblemished character in unconscious chaos that reflects the paranoid – critical method of Dali. The fact that Dali was unhealthy and scathing about everything that is associated with a naked body, lust and intercourse, say almost all of his paintings of the second half of the creative path. “Flowing desire” is no exception. The interspersing of the symbols of the masculine principle, the unconcealed bodies is proof of this.

The abundance of details not related to reality includes the imagination of the viewer. The yellow stone is cheese with a hole, a gray lump with a tongue, a coal stain on the top – what does all this mean? Perhaps, a chest of drawers with scattered underwear, is present here as a part of reality and an eternal lack of time for such trifles as cleaning. And someone with a pitcher in hand with a hand over his face, is truly a modest servant of a lascivious couple. Dali wants to be so – indiscreet, open and impudent. He is painfully burnt by the thirst for kisses with Gala, her attention and zeal for young rivals.

“Birth of fluid desires” is a bright work with contrasting moments of planes and large symbols of a holey space. For work, Dali took the pure colors of green, blue and yellow oil. He writes on a grand scale, paying attention to small sketches, for example, humanlike images, furniture, rags. His plot was born from nowhere, just on the already worked horizontals and sky. Perhaps, Salvador did not make a fuss like his colleagues, a paper with sketches and sketches of thoughts, but simply expressed his desires with a fluid pigment here and now.

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