Big Paranoid by Salvador Dali

Big Paranoid by Salvador Dali

The picture is sustained in the sepia color range, only azure is visible on the horizon – fairly, however, diluted with the same sepia – and in the center of the canvas there is a small colored spot: a figure of a man in a bluish shirt and with a red head.

The picture is filled with numerous figures of people and animals: apparently, hallucinatory images swarming in Paranoid’s head. The eye separates from this crowd a group of people who are dragging a boat along the sand; a man ready to step into the abyss; dancer or torero in a red hat; people running; people, dying or exhausted; people

stretching their hands forward in gestures of despair or rejection.

If you look from afar, the figures in the foreground form into the outlines of the human head. Exactly the same head is seen in the background of the picture, reduced perspective. This is Paranoid. He is woven of images created by his own imagination. If they disappear, Paranoid will disappear. Disappear, he – dissolve and the images that inhabit his consciousness.

The artist admires the endless reflection of giving birth and nourishing each other hallucinations. This closed world, the arena on which the ghostly action is played, is the identity of solipsism. The universe that exists only in the consciousness of the Great Paranoid, ready to dissolve in non-existence with its creator, or to exist forever, reviving it again and again.

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