Beach in Stadland by Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell wrote five paintings “based on” this beach, which she often visited in 1909-1911. But over the “Beach in Stadland” she worked in her London studio, using only a

Abstractions by Vanessa Bell

We got only four abstract works by Vanessa Bell. They all belong to the middle of the 1910s, when the Bloomsbury tried to abstract themselves from the laws “imposed” on

Workshops “Omega” by Vanessa Bell

Founding in 1913 workshops “Omega”, Roger Fry set as his goal to create samples of a new, revolutionary design and provide the work of young avant-garde artists. Headquarters “Omega” was

Woman in Furs by Vanessa Bell

“Woman in Furs”, written by the artist in 1919. This portrait portrays Dr. Mary Moralt, who treated Angelica, the daughter of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. The portrait is written