Workshops “Omega” by Vanessa Bell

Workshops Omega by Vanessa Bell

Founding in 1913 workshops “Omega”, Roger Fry set as his goal to create samples of a new, revolutionary design and provide the work of young avant-garde artists. Headquarters “Omega” was a building on Fitzroy Square with two exhibition halls on the first and two large workshops on the second floor. In his prospectus Fry wrote: “Workshops” Omega “undertake to perform any kind of decorative design – primarily those for which the artist does not require any special skills.” Works performed in the workshops invariably received approval from critics who noted their

“smartness and cheerfulness.” The recognized leader of “Omega” was Vanessa Bell. She was engaged here in wall paintings, developed drawings for carpets and fabrics, created a design of a variety of household items – from furniture to ceramics. The works of Bell were distinguished by a bold and unusual geometric design. Here is shown a painted screen of her work, 1913, a carpet woven according to her drawings, 1914 and a figure for cloth, 1913. All these three works have a common source – the “Summer Camp” painting, written by Vanessa Bell in 1913 during a tourist trip to Brandon, a place on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk.

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