Abstractions by Vanessa Bell

Abstractions by Vanessa Bell

We got only four abstract works by Vanessa Bell. They all belong to the middle of the 1910s, when the Bloomsbury tried to abstract themselves from the laws “imposed” on the painter by tradition, using abstraction. One of the pictures of this period you can see at the top.

Six fragments are located on a saturated yellow background. All colors used in the composition were the basis of the Bell palette in those years. As expected, Bell’s interest in abstraction was not, by and large, her own interest. She only tried to conform to the ideas of her comrades.

Quite soon the artist realized

that “to get rid of the laws of painting with the help of abstraction” is not her path, and after 1915 abstract drawings can be found only in objects of decorative and applied art created by Bell. Later, she confessed to her son Quentin: “The temporary loss of substantive content, which was always the most important in my work, convinced me that nature is much richer and more interesting than any artificial fiction.”

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