Self-portrait by Leon Bakst

The beginning of the 1890s is an important time in the formation of the creative individuality of Bakst: acquaintance in March 1890 with Alexander Benois, rapprochement with a circle of

Ancient horror by Leon Bakst

To write the painting “Ancient horror”, Leo Bakst visited Greece several times. Every time he visited this country with an ancient history, he brought out a new idea for his

Zinaida Gippius by Leon Bakst

Portrait of a graphic, executed on paper. The artist used a pencil, used sanguine. Moreover, a sheet of paper glued together. Originally it was a sketch that Bakst later finished.

Dinner by Leon Bakst

The painting “Dinner”, nicknamed in the humorous opposition to Serov’s “Girl with Peaches” “The Lady with Oranges” – one of the most popular canvases by Bakst. On the one hand,