Artemis by Berkeley Shaw

Artemis by Berkeley Shaw

Berkeley Shaw, born in 1949, is perhaps the most titled American artist in the field of science fiction. He was nominated five times for the “Hugo” award in the nomination “The Best Artist”, received the ten highest awards of various merit and six times was awarded an annual prize in the field of fantasy.

In 1995, Berkeley Shaw’s “Wonderland” won the Chesley Award for best spatial representation. Since 1978, Shou has illustrated more than five hundred books and magazines, including the drawing of books by such science fiction luminaries as Isaac Asimov, Frederic Paul

and other well-known authors.

There are more than twenty large paintings written by the artist for fantasy and science fiction publications. Based on the paintings of Berkeley Shaw, a number of sculptures were also created. Painting Berkeley Shaw “Artemis” is an example of the bright talent of an American artist. The young hunter fearlessly enters into battle with the dragons. Hiding behind the stone ledge of the rock, she waits for her opponent and with a sharp shot from the bow she fights him on the spot.

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