The Song of Ancient Epochs by Berkeley Shaw

The Song of Ancient Epochs by Berkeley Shaw

The invaluable assistance of Berkeley Shaw in promoting his artistic career was rendered by the writer and friend of the artist Harlan Allison. Many years ago, in order to help the beginning artist, Shaw received an offer from the author to write illustrations for the sixteen books of the writer in the paperback.

And then, in 1995, according to the books of the series “A Harmful Enemy”, a collection of illustrations on the subject of “electronic fantasies” by Shaw was published under the short title “The Art of Berkeley Shaw” with comments by Harlan Ellison himself. The

picture of Berkeley Shaw “Song of Ancient Epochs” depicts a rocky shore.

In the sand lies the harp left by someone who lived a very long time. And, maybe, it was carried ashore by storm. Beating on the coastal cliffs of the wave, in the glow of the evening dawn, the ocean seems to be flooded with a fantastic golden light; in the distance are seen like a mirage of antique columns. Faded music of distant centuries.

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