Anxious sign by Salvador Dali

Anxious sign by Salvador Dali

A naked woman stands near a half-ruined wall with a window-loophole. Out of the window a piece of cloth hangs outward, resembling a lifeless body. The woman’s body is turned half-turned to the viewer. She is tense – this is felt by her stiff posture – peering into the desert.

Following the direction of her view, we will see the hills in the distance, a few quaint stones and a candle of a lone cypress. Cypress in the works of Dali is an unchanging symbol of the flow and timing. Time goes by, and the approaching future disturbs the stranger.

The whole atmosphere of the picture – a building with peeling plaster, a cloth hanging from the window-sill, a woman, as if trying to hide under the shadow of the wall from frightening suspense – makes a painful impression. In the foreground of the picture, Dali portrayed a low twisted tree. On his branch hangs a cloth. Perhaps it is a woman’s raincoat.

Composite this part balances the lower left corner of the picture, echoing the folds of matter in the window of the building.

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