Alexander the Great and Diogenes by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Alexander the Great and Diogenes by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

After the assassination of his father, the Macedonian king Philip, his son Alexander began to actively win the world’s affairs, having completed the work of his father, who laid the foundation of the world empire.

Alexander fought furiously, often brutally suppressing the resistance of enemies. He subjugated many countries, but Greece still resisted Alexander. Then he took, and then completely destroyed the powerful city of Thebes. The rest of the Greek cities served as a lesson.

The Greeks, fearful of the fate of Thebes, begged Alexander for forgiveness. Alexander undertook a number of measures to restore his influence in Greece. During this period many famous people of Greece hastened to meet with him to pay their respects. Only the famous Greek, the philosopher Diogenes did not hasten to bow to Alexander, and meanwhile he enjoyed great influence in the country.

Then the king himself decided to meet with the philosopher. Diogenes at this time basked, lying not the sun next to his barrel. I must say that the philosopher was a very remarkable man – led an ascetic life, lived in a clay cask, ate what God would send, did not recognize any authority, said everything he thinks. Alexander, greeting Diogenes, asked if there was any request for him. To which Diogenes asked Alexander to step aside and not to block the sun.

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