Fantasies by Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan received the Hugo Award sixteen times, setting a record for this award. In 1992, he was awarded the “Super Hugo” with the formulation “The best artist in the

Peace by Michael Whelan

In the picture of Michael Whelan “Peace” depicts a fantastic landscape with a waterfall. Flowing streams of water, far away – the blazing city, on the edge of the cliff

One by Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan was born on June 29, 1950 in Culver, California. The impressionable boy grew up in the family of an engineer. My father worked in the aerospace industry. The

Waiting by Michael Whelan

Professionally Michael Whelan took up the illustration when he moved to Connecticut. His work on the design of books by Anne McCaffrey from the series “Dragons of Pern” won the

Spring by Michael Whelan

The jubilant triumph of youth overflowed the picture of Michael Whelan “Spring.” Joy rang in the height of the blue sky, she caresses the maiden body with a warm wind,

Sacrament by Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan is a famous American fantasy-style artist and illustrator of works of art from the science fiction genre. Multiple winner of the “Hugo” and other awards in the field

Patrol by Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan is fond of music and martial arts, has a black belt for Kempo. The artist is married. Michael Whelan and Audrey Price have two children: Alex and Adrian.