The Hermit by Mikhail Nesterov

The Hermit by Mikhail Nesterov

We see that the picture depicts a grandfather, it can be assumed that he is a wanderer, who is tired of everyday fuss, and he is looking for solitude for prayer. He becomes a wanderer, and his figure cannot be seen separately from his environment.

Wanderer slightly tilted his head, moving forward. He is thoughtful. Notices anything around. He seemed to have found a common language with nature and was trying to listen to what he was advised by a blade of grass or a sprig of birch trees. He has happiness on his face, but not as usual. Usually, happiness is manifested in children, sincerely, without a trick.

It seems to me that the elder is even happy about the frost and the first snow that has fallen, albeit slightly.

From the picture breathes kindness, this kindness can be compared only with the kindness that blows from the icons. The body of a person is bent, probably because over the years, the back begins to hurt and inclines a person to the ground, but it seems that the old man does not care, as if time and all fussing life had stopped. He is not looking for anything, he calmly wanders forward, all he needs is nature able to give.

I do not understand the plot of this picture, it seems that a person left his relatives as if to die. As happens with animals that go to die elsewhere. Even despite the fact that nature can give him solitude, food and lodging for the night, he is no longer at the age to take it all.

You should take care of old people and show respect for your age, do not allow them to collect things thoughtlessly and head for an unknown way-way. And it is also necessary to show their love, because the wisdom that they have accumulated over the years can be passed on to us in the councils. Only the older generation is able to teach us patience, kindness and selflessness, which no one uses in our time.

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