The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh

The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh

The protagonists of this painting is one of the families that were thousands. They are no different from the rest, but at the same time, they had something fascinating.

Perhaps that is why Vincent van Gogh chose his painting is the family. It is quite fit into this colorful, pretty badly and cheaply put together shack, which they share at all. As the saying goes, “in close quarters, but not mad.” Perhaps because of this they are able to still stay together, come what, may.

Mud huts, no different special chic, gray and bare walls, the windows one can see the lattice, is not particularly clear what they are, after all, people

who have on the table, only potatoes and coffee, most likely, no valuables, which would be worth to protect.

All this suggests that even this modest housing does not belong to them, but rented. This family faces frozen despair, fatigue, and learning from the daily toil in the fields for which they receive a pittance. But even they are happy with this, because they can afford to dinner, even if it is a lean, but doubly delicious when he earned an honest, albeit through hard work.

The whole room barely illuminated by the dim light of the lamp, it’s a bit like on any particular light of last resort, which has long been extinct in their eyes. This whole situation makes the viewer deep feelings of empathy, steam that rises from the hot potato is not the only thing that warms them, their hearts warm the spirit of unity, which once again brought them together, to share this dinner after a hard day.

The whole picture, just like written potatoes with color fields and the land they repeatedly difficult process to live another day. This whole situation is rather sad, but very true and life, which the artist gave the most realistic.

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