Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh

Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh

During his stay in the hospital in Saint-Remy, Van Gogh was able to draw. One of the hospital premises even been specially converted into a studio for him. He also had the right to go accompanied by a medic to draw on nature. But Vincent’s repeated bouts of hallucinations, after which it is a sense of emptiness and exhaustion; he fully realized his tragic disease.

Actually when he had a desire to paint and cypresses. “Cypresses still captivate me. I would like to turn them into something like my paintings with sunflowers. I am surprised that no one has yet written cypress as I see them. ” And, of course, with the cypress of Van Gogh paintings have such colors that are not found in other artists.

The effect of lighting the dark trees sun obtained by applying several layers of paint. Traces of the brush are spiral in nature. They give the impression of twists and ascended to heaven flame. It seems that the cypresses tremble and bend in the wind, they are an echo of the vibrations that shake the body of the artist when approaching the next attack.

“Cypresses” painted by layering paint overlay. Black, green and bronze shade imposed long brush strokes, swirling the sky. Mixed shades give the impression of heat. In this way, Van Gogh’s brush portrays the sky, clouds and vegetation. Even the crescent moon – the creation of “twisting” brush Arabesque touches that give the film a sense of vibration.

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