The Martyrdom of Saint Symphorion by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

The Martyrdom of Saint Symphorion by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Ingres, becoming a venerable artist, in the creation of his paintings resorted to the help of students. It was a common practice – once the young Ingres did the same David’s small tasks in exactly the same way. There were rumors that the students of the aging Ingres are doing the lion’s share of the work for him. These rumors had no basis and were dictated, as a rule, by envy. Disenchanting them is not difficult, because it is now well known who and what became an ally of the meter.

For example, in the picture “Antiochus and Stratonik”, 1840 lira and furniture written by Raymond

Balse. Sometimes Ingr asked one of his favorites to prepare sketches and sketches for the future picture. One of the heads in the background of the “Martyrdom of the Saint Symphorion” Engr wrote with a sketch performed by Hippolytus Flandrin.

Did not do without the help of Ingres and the creation of the last portraits. But this assistance was limited only to secondary details. So, Arman Kambon often engaged in cloth and light flashes, present on these portraits of the Personality of the Engrian manner all this did not stop. Moreover, the students worked every time under the strict and vigilant control of the master.

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