The Conception of St. Anne

The Conception of St. Anne

Iconography of the “Conception of St. Anne” in the version that is presented by this work, has become popular since the end of the XVI century. and receives the greatest prevalence in the first half – the middle of the XVII century.

This is the main group of Joachim and Anna hugging, the background of which is the buildings of Jerusalem, and two scenes of the Gospel, with smaller figures, on the upper left – The Gospel to Joachim, on the right – Annunciation to Anna. Judging by the shapes of the heavily sunken hills and the abundant ornamentation of architecture, resembling a

panel structure, it is most likely that the icon was written in the second quarter of the 17th century.

Disclosure of painting from the late layers will allow us to more fully reveal the artistic merits of the original and clarify the dating and attribution of the icon. But in its present form it represents artistic, historical, cultural and museum value.

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