St. Francis exudes water from the rock by Giotto di Bondone

St. Francis exudes water from the rock by Giotto di Bondone

This reproduction presents one of the scenes of the fresco cycle about the life of St. Francis, located under the windows on the side walls of the nave. Fainted from the post of Francis in the summer heat, he drove, on the donkey, one poor man. This poor man really wanted to drink. Francis descended from the ass and with great faith turned to God.

In the center of the picture we see Francis, praying, to the right in the foreground – a poor man, who eats with greed, having fallen to the recently-clogged source. The two eyewitnesses depicted on the left side of the picture do not appear in the legend, but fit organically into the picture both in form and content. Sharply illuminated from above steeply rocky landscape with figures on different levels conveys the depth of space. The image of the landscape here is schematic, restrained, than, for example, in another picture of the cycle, where St.. Francis gives his cloak to the beggar.

However, compared with the rocks of the Padua cycle, this landscape can be considered detailed. Two sculptural heavy figures on the edge of the picture looking at each other often appear on the Padua frescos of Giotto, but here their faces, especially those on the left, are written more sensually. George Vasari especially noted the realistic image of a person who had fallen to water. His figure is a remarkable example of an observation of reality characteristic of an early trencent.

This fresco is located directly at the main entrance, so for centuries it has suffered significantly from the climatic conditions. Some of its parts and mostly the colors have faded and faded. For the first time it was restored in 1798, and the last time – in 1962.

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