Spatial-force construction by Lyubov Popova

Spatial force construction by Lyubov Popova

Such pictures vividly demonstrate Popova’s belonging to constructivism, at the origins of which she stood with the Vesnin brothers, A. Rodchenko, V. Stepanova.

Such constructions are made up of vertical or inclined lines, horizontals intersecting each other, as if floating in a vacuum. One gets the impression that Popova is trying to understand the essence of the Universe and make an attempt to master 4 dimensions.

Another type of composition includes moving spirals and circles.

She added metal powder to Popova’s paint, and chose plywood as the texture, not canvas. The decisive role

is still played by color. But due to the correlation of the main energy principles existing in the world, harmony is created. These beginnings are centrifugal and centripetal forces, embodied in lines and planes intersecting at a right angle.

The artist herself was worried that such works would be perceived by the viewer simply as part of non-objective art, and insisted that this was just an intermediate step on the way to the sphere of design and engineering.

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