Red dancer by Kes van Dongen

Red dancer by Kes van Dongen

The Dutch artist Kes van Dongen spent most of his life in France. He is one of the founders of the new direction in painting – Fauvism. The works of the Fauvists were called “wild”, this impression on contemporaries produced a bright, flashy color literally escaping from the canvases. “Red Dancer” refers to the best examples of early works of Van Dongen.

The painting depicts the Dancer Nini, who performed in the cabaret “Folies-Bergeres”. “Screaming” orange-red color, flooding half of the canvas, gives it a special emotional mood. Different in size and

shape, dynamic strokes broadly and generically convey the whirlwind of a twirled skirt. A small green spot on the white garter reinforces the effect of local red.

In addition to the cabaret characters of many of his canvases paintings found in the circus Medrano in Montmartre. Unrecognized by the general public at the beginning of his career, in the 1920s, van Dongen became a successful artist. His portraits were ordered to him by famous artists, writers and even political figures.

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