Yard in the Fall by Scott Pryor

The painting “Yard in the Autumn” by American artist Scott Pryor is a warm autumn day. Indian summer. The air is clear and filled with a special honey-berry smell. Nature

Lake at Twilight by Scott Pryor

In the painting “The Lake at Dusk” by the American artist Scott Pryor the house of the artist himself on the lake, a warm windless evening, the trees are reflected

Beach Path by Scott Pryor

American photorealist painter Scott Pryor in the painting “The path to the beach” depicted a narrow scenic path, overgrown on the sides with bushes of bright pink flowers and tall

Wind at Sunset by Scott Pryor

In the painting “Wind in the Sunset,” American artist Scott Pryor captured the sunset on the lake. The orange-crimson sky reflected in the water, giving the landscape an ominous hue

Winter by Scott Pryor

In the Scott Pryor painting “Winter” we see a small town on a frosty winter evening. He looks smart like a Christmas card. Neat houses are located close to each

Nanny and Rose by Scott Pryor

In the painting “Nanny and Rosa,” artist Scott Pryor portrayed his wife Nanny along with his pet favorite dog, Rosa, on a summer day on the veranda of a Northampton