Birds in the park by Melchior de Hondecuiter

Birds in the park by Melchior de Hondecuiter

Contemporaries called Melchior de Hondecuiter “Bird Raphael” for his passion for creating large-format paintings with “birdy yards.” Indeed, Hondekuter was one of the leading masters of the Dutch entertaining genre in the XVII century. The artist worked in The Hague, and then in Amsterdam.

Under the influence of the art of the Flemish still life of the XVII century. he also worked in this genre, but the main theme in his work was birds. In his paintings you can see both domestic and wild birds, and from everything well known to the rarest and exotic. In one composition, quite real

representatives of the world of birds could be side by side, shown with their typical habits, and some conventional images.

The paintings of Hondecuster with a complex composite solution typical of the Baroque did not just represent a variety of birds, his works had allegorical significance, moralizing implication. Other famous works: “Poultry”. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg; “Hunting trophies.” 1682. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg.

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