Perseus and Andromeda by Frederick Leighton

Perseus and Andromeda by Frederick Leighton

Among the favorite artists of different eras of mythological subjects, the story of Perseus and Andromeda is one of the most popular. In addition to Frederick Leighton, she was addressed by a much more famous master – P. P. Rubens.

Of course, painting is a genre in many respects conditional and static. The basis of many paintings – the episode, the case. Much, as they say, remains “behind the scenes.” Each episode has a background and ending. So in this case.

The beginning of the history of Andromeda is known from myths. It was decided to sacrifice the sea monster in order to appease the god of the seas and oceans of Poseidon. The head of this terrible monster and the wings sticking out behind its back, or the wrong fins can be seen in the picture. Fall bloodthirsty disclosed and craves the blood of another victim. As for Andromeda itself, she is chained to a rock by the sea. In vain the young beauty, naked and busty, is trying to break free from the fetters. It seems that there is no way out, and the inevitable is about to happen.

On the horizon, at a dazzling sunset, the hero Perseus appears on the right Pegasus horse. Their outlines are only guessed. Ahead is the deadly duel between Perseus and the monster sent by Poseidon, and the victory of Perseus, and Andromeda’s love for his deliverer.

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