Night by Rowena Morrill

In Rowena Morrill’s “Night,” a girl with candles stands by the window and looks inquiringly into the darkness. All sorts of pictures are swarming in the young head in the

Fight by Rowena Morrill

The picture of Rowena Morrill “Fight” depicts the battle of the ancient gods with aliens from other worlds. After all, it was such muscular strong old men that the all-powerful

Demon Appearance by Rowena Morrill

The world of fantasy Rowena Morill is diverse in subject matter, the subjects are fascinating: magic, sorcerers, fantastic dragons. In the painting The Demon Phenomenon, Rowen depicted the worship of

Tasty prey by Rowena Morrill

Rowena Morrill’s painting “Delicious prey” depicts a plot of the barbaric custom of sacrifice that is simply heartbreaking in its drama. The body of an extraordinarily beautiful girl is chained