Blue Star by Juan Miro

Burning blue color, used in one of the most important paintings in the artist’s career, can be seen in subsequent works not only of Juan, but also of Mark Rothko,

Portrait of Nubiola by Juan Miro

The main character of the portrait is an agricultural teacher in the school of arts, with whom Juan began to communicate in school years. This portrait is considered the best

Plowed Field by Joan Miro

The artist has always been associated with the rural “world”, which influenced his countryside landscapes. This picture is an abstract image of the author’s Catalan homeland, and is also Miro’s

Rescue ladder by Juan Miro

Among the most significant works of Miro stands out a series of 23 small paintings, known as the “Constellations”. The work was created during the beginning of the Second World

The Harlequin Carnival by Juan Miro

The painting shows a celebration known as Mardi Gras, which begins with observance of Lent and culminates in the day before Ash Wednesday. “Harlequin’s Carnival” is considered by art historians

Blue II by Joan Miro

Among the most acclaimed works of the master worth mentioning triptych “Blue 1/2/3”, consisting of three huge paintings. All of them consist of simple shapes on a blue background. In

Farm by Joan Miro

The most famous painting of Miro, Farm, shows a Catalan country house. The author himself believes that this work is the key to his career, describing the starting point in

May 1968 by Juan Miro

“May 1968” depicts a period of civil unrest in France, associated with a series of protests against capitalism and traditional institutions. Juan Miro, who was a supporter of this movement,