Red Horses by Franz Marc

Franz Marc is a well-known German expressionist painter, who founded together with V. Kandinsky almanac, and then the association “The Blue Rider”. The creative path of Franz Mark is very

Blue Horse by Franz Marc

One of the most popular and reproducible paintings of the famous German avant-garde artist Franz Mark is the Blue Rider. This canvas stands apart in the artist’s work, standing out,

Foxes by Franz Marc

Franz Marc is a very interesting German expressionist artist, the author of many unusual works, sometimes striking his contemporaries. It is noteworthy that the years of studying at the university

Two Women by Franz Marc

This picture of Franz Marc is filled with peace. The artist depicted two women who settled down to rest on the grass and chatting with each other. You can make

Deer In The Forest by Franz Marc

Bright representative of the German Expressionist Franz Marc was devoted to one topic: in his works he depicted animals. His works can be found unmistakably characteristic habits of the beast