Winter day by Pavel Fedotov

Among the many cases and plans, a tiny picture “The Winter Day” flashed and lost, in essence, nothing more than a sketch quickly made right out of the window, with

Walking by Pavel Fedotov

“Walk” was written in Moscow, when Fedotov received leave, for the first time in three years of service. In fact, this is not a walk, but a family portrait, the

Players by Pavel Fedotov

In the early 50’s. The joyful perception of the world is replaced by Fedotov’s desperate tragedy. The artist begins to doubt the possibility of moral improvement of society through art,

Picky bride by Pavel Fedotov

Painting PA Fedotov “Picky Bride” depicts a ridiculous scene of matchmaking. The action takes place in a luxurious room, the walls of which are decorated with paintings in gilded frames.

The Widow by Pavel Fedotov

In the painting by PA Fedotov, “The Widow” a young pregnant woman is depicted, who stands leaning on the chest of drawers. The woman is dressed in a long black