Condemned by Vladimir Makovsky

Condemned by Vladimir Makovsky

Artists who created their masterpieces in the 60-70s of the 19th century, sought in their works to convey the revolutionary mood that was happening at that time in Russia. Among the many artists who advocated the happiness of the people, was V. Makovsky. In his works, he sought to show the reality of Russian life as realistically as possible, and often had to criticize the existing social system. Among the revolutionary works is the painting “The Condemned”, it was written in 1879.

If it was a photograph, its genre would be a report. We see that a young man is being led out of the hall where the court is being held. His expression expresses thoughtfulness and sullenness, with chagrin and sympathy this young man looks at his mother. She rushed to him with a plea for mercy. Nearby we see the father is standing, he is thoughtful, it can be assumed that this is a great sorrow for the whole family.

Very contrasting the artist depicted the costumes of the guards, their imperturbable faces, on which there is not a drop of sympathy and understanding for what is happening. They must perfectly follow their service, without causing suspicion and censure. The color of the walls of the building is very well chosen, creating a calm atmosphere.

When you look at this picture, you involuntarily have a feeling of pity and sympathy for the family of the convicted guy. It seems that here, here you will hear, cry of the mother, and the heavy breathing of the father. In my opinion, the artist empathizes with his characters, because the image conveys the whole moment of tragedy. This picture, one of the few, in my opinion, which is notable for its truthfulness in the narration, with its unique content that is different from other pictures, it touches on acute topics and deserves special attention.

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