Arzhantey by Edouard Manet

Arzhantey by Edouard Manet

Arzhantey – a picture that is filled with sunlight, the breath of the warm wind, the fresh smell of water. A woman is a constant model Mane at that time – she holds a bouquet of flowers on her lap and thinks about something, her look is a bit sad, although her lips give a half-smile, which means her thoughts are joyful. A man – dressed in white pants, a shirt with a wide strip, a straw hat, – looks into her face. A man, you can assume, is waiting for an answer from her.

It is not by chance that the artist placed a couple on a bench, and behind us we see boats, a city, so it seems to

me that a feeling of solitude is created. Behind them, life flows, and they are only two.

Behind their backs is water, spelled in deep blue, which is nice for the viewer’s eye. Clouds float on the sky, the sky is clear and bright. It creates a sense of peace in the picture due to the bright sky and deep blue water.

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