A multi-part icon. 25 hallmarks

A multi part icon. 25 hallmarks

The composition consists of five registers, with five hallmarks in each.

Their sequence, from left to right, from top to bottom:

1. The Mother of God of Yasnogorsk.

2. Our Lady the Burning Bush.

3. The Ascension of the Lord.

4. Praise of the Mother of God.

5. Our Lady of Desolation is my sorrow.

6. The Mother of God. Adding the mind.

7. Assumption of the Virgin.

8. Present the Queen at Your right hand.

9. Cover.

10. The goddess.

11. Oranta.

12. Kupyatitskaya Street.

13. Sophia the Wisdom of God.

14. Byzantine.



16. Archangel Michael-voevod.

17. The Savior of the Undying Eye.

18. Week.

19. Our Lady of the Chir.

20. The fiery ascent of the prophet Elijah.

21. Miracle of George about the serpent.

22. St. Makary of Unzhensky.

23.0 You rejoice.

24. Miracle of Demetrius of Thessalonica.

25. Four martyrs elected.

The corners of the icon are ornamented. The work was performed in the XIX century in the Mstera tradition, represents iconographic interest, artistic and historical and cultural value.

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