Venus in the forge of Vulcan by Francois Boucher

Venus in the forge of Vulcan by Francois Boucher

Painting of the French artist Francois Boucher “Venus in the smithy of Vulcan”. The size of the picture is 274 x 205 cm, canvas, oil. In this canvas, Boucher illustrates the story of Virgil in the eighth book of the Aeneid, in which Venus urges Vulcan to create a magical weapon for her mortal son Aeneas, a participant in the war of the Trojans against the Greeks.

In the picture, Vulcan is depicted leaning forward, without delay, representing the forged sword to the goddess Venus. On the face of the god of blacksmithing written clearly expressed love longing. Embraced by passion, Vulcan is completely under the influence of Venus. Confirmation of the fact of the genuine passion of Vulcan Bushe emphasizes the image of pigeons and putti, located on his knees, and putti next to Venus, which points the arrow directly into the heart of Vulcan.

The volcano gave way to the demands of Venus to save her illegitimate son Aeneas, hoping to return the love of the goddess of beauty. In the paintings of the late period of creativity, painter François Boucher begins to change the sense of color, in coloring, the color range of the artist’s works, there is a comparison of bright local colors that impart “carpet” to his painting.

Boucher still creates landscapes, paintings on mythological subjects, decorative compositions in medallions with magnificently decorated rococo-style frames, but he gradually develops a light, although impressive stamp, which is however not surprising, since the painter requires a repetition of the plots of his successful works.

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