The birth of Venus by Francois Boucher

The birth of Venus by Francois Boucher

Painting of the French artist Francois Boucher “The Birth of Venus”. The size of the picture is 130 x 162 cm, canvas, oil. The favorite theme of Boucher’s paintings were the mythological scenes of ancient Greek legends about Venus and Zeus depicting the sensual pink bodies of nymphs, naiads, cupids and putti.

With the same magnificent skill the artist wrote out the bodies of goddesses and accessories in the paintings “Bathing Diana” and “Toilet of Venus”. Bright colors in these paintings are brought by the artist to a single radiant golden scale, reminiscent of the

palette of ancient Venetian masters. Images of a serene world filled with a gay, eroticism and sensual pleasures of life are given in the pictures “Leda”, “Learning Cupid”, “Diana after the hunt,” “Venus consoling the Cupid.”

For these scenes that did not meet the aspirations of the Enlightenment, he was subjected to severe Puritan criticism of Denis Diderot, who harbored personal dislike towards the artist and wrote that “his debauchery should captivate dandies, frivolous women, young people, people of light, that is, those who are alien to the true taste, truthfulness”.

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