The Last Supper by Giotto

The Last Supper by Giotto

The composition scheme of this Giotto fresco connects certain features of the Byzantine prototype with completely new motifs that can enhance the so important for the artist effect of the authenticity of what is happening.

As in Byzantine art, Christ is placed at the edge of the table, on his chest lies the head of his beloved John. However, the figures of the apostles are placed on both sides of the table, so that the composition becomes more compact and more balanced, and its rhythmic pattern becomes more complicated.

But the most important thing is that thanks to this, the artist has an opportunity

to outline not only the symbolic, but also the emotional relationship between all the participants in the secret supper. Now they can talk, exchange cues and discuss what is happening.

Another significant innovation of Giotto is the identification of the spatial environment of action due to the prospectively interpreted image of the interior of a small, ascetically furnished room.

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