Defects and virtues by Giotto

Under the main frescoes of the Capilla del Arena in Padua, Giotto placed a series of images embodying human vices and virtues. On the south wall of the chapel, he

Judas betrayal by Giotto

The image of the betrayal scene is placed on the left side of the triumphal arch in the Chapel del Arena. In the interpretation of this evangelical event, Giotto does

Crucifixion by Giotto

Among the works attributed to Giotto, there are three large crucifixes. It is carved in the form of a cross wooden panels with the image of a crucified Christ. One

Kiss of Judah by Giotto

This is one of the most famous “choral” scenes in the murals of the Capella del Arena. It shows more than two dozen characters. But in the image of Giotto,

Lamentation of Christ by Giotto

This masterpiece of Giotto is the pearl of the Capilla del Arena. The center of the composition are two close faces: the dead Christ and His Mother. It is here

Marriage in Cana of Galilee by Giotto

The Gospel of John tells how, during the marriage feast in Cana, Christ turned water into wine. Fresco Giotto is a fairly developed version of the iconography of this story.

Architecture by Giotto

Shortly after returning from Naples, Giotto was appointed chief architect of Florence. The document, dated 1334, states that for this post “in the whole world it is impossible to find

Madonna and Child by Bondone Giotto

The name of Giotto is associated with the beginning of a new stage in the development of Italian art, marked by a break with the medieval tradition of Italo-Byzantine art.

The death of St. Francis by Giotto

In addition to the series of frescoes in the Arena Dome, the only surviving frescoes that are confidently attributed to Giotto, are considered works that adorn the Bardi and Peruzzi

Stigmatization of St. Francis by Giotto

The frescoes decorating the church of San Francesco in Assisi are another acute problem of “jottology”. The construction of this church began in 1228, immediately after the canonization of St.