Straw doll by Francisco de Goya

Straw doll by Francisco de Goya

This is one of Goya’s latest and most famous cardboard, created by him for the Royal Tapestry Manufactory of Santa Barbara. The cartons helped the artist gain recognition, but Goya himself did not like this work, considering himself capable of more.

When trellises, created on cardboard, adorned the royal castles, the very original drawings for many years were forgotten. Most of these cardboards were accidentally discovered in the basement in the 1860s.

After the restoration, they were donated to the Prado Museum. Distinguished by freshness and liveliness, “Straw Doll”, when carefully

examined, turns into a completely metaphysical work. The images of people playing with the doll symbolize the fragility of youth, for the doll itself tells that these full powers of the girl will grow old in time and turn into exactly the same puppets. In addition, there is something exciting and alarming in the faces of young women. Here we are dealing with a typical Goya “distortion”.

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