Serfs are changed to dogs by Ivan Izhakevich

Serfs are changed to dogs by Ivan Izhakevich

Izhakevich Ivan Sidorovich devoted many of his paintings to peasant life. He himself was not rich and tried to convey his life to unhappy people. One of the most exciting and amazing paintings is his painting “Serfs change to dogs.”

Our view is represented by a picture of how two owners sit in armchairs in front of a large house and discuss their affairs. Before them stands a footman and keeps on a leash of dogs and a large peasant family. All this kind of talking about the fact that the two hosts are discussing the exchange of the poor family to dogs.

A maid descends to the masters on the stairs. In her hands a tray with tea and goodies. On the terrace you can see the master and the lady. They sit on a bench and talk about something. Behind a peasant family there is a wagon under which two men sit. And the saddest thing is that nobody disturbs everything that happens. They do not even look at the situation around them, as if they are simple everyday things. But can it really be that way that living people are compared to dogs?

It’s good that now there are absolutely different times and each person has the right to choose and to be free. And let only pictures of such talented artists tell us about the past life.

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