Portrait of VE Meyerhold by Boris Grigoriev

Portrait of VE Meyerhold by Boris Grigoriev

Creativity of Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev does not fit into the framework of traditional schools of painting, determined by the history of art. He is inclined to empathize with the passeism and elegiac mood of his contemporaries – the artists of the association “World of Art”, then rejoice and joke in pubs and taverns together with the masters of the “Blue Rose”.

Later his picturesque technique crystallizes into something called “neoacademism” with elements of a cubist crushing of the form, designed to emphasize the sharp psychological character of the characters

of the canvases. Vsevolod Meyerhold, known for his acting and director’s work and his shocking behavior, so delighted Grigoriev that he pronounced “Such as you need to go to the museum!”.

Prone to farce and grimacing, Meyerhold became the creator of an expressive system of acting skills – “biomechanics.” The artist captures Meyerhold in the image of the protagonist shot shortly before the portraits of the film “Dorian Gray”. But before the viewer is not a sleek dandy, but a tragic parody of a person, fate. The essence of Grigoriev’s genius lies in his visionary solution of the canvas – the mystic director will fall victim to the revolutionary elements, personified in the guise of a strong, earthly Janissar.

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