Portrait of Natalia Semenovna Borshchova by Dmitry Levitsky

Portrait of Natalia Semenovna Borshchova by Dmitry Levitsky

The impetuous, temperamental, full of fire and liveliness of Borschov, it seems only for a moment she stopped before us. The ease of her movements, passion for dance are in harmony with an open, smiling face. She looks at the viewer cheerfully, not at all embarrassed, as if conscious of her beauty.

The smooth rhythm of the dance is emphasized by the curling and shimmering light and shadow of the golden strip on the hem of the velvet skirt. The movement of the figure Borshchovoy finds reinforcement in a subtly thought-out arrangement of light spots and lines.

A brightly lit face and an open chest, hands, pinkish-purple slits of sleeves and a thin golden rim of corsage, a fancy outline depicting the shape of the torso – all this together forms a graceful rhythmic composition that is complemented by a leg in a white shoe that does not swing to the floor.

The elegantly raised right hand of Borshchova, in contrast to the entire figure of the dancing girl, is located on the left side of the picture and, combined with the dark down leading stairs, balances the right and left halves of the canvas.

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