Portrait of N. S. Semenova by Orest of Kiprensky

Portrait of N. S. Semenova by Orest of Kiprensky

Nymphodora Semenovna Semyonova, the sister of the famous actress ES Semenova, began her stage career as a dramatic actress in the role of an engineer, but the main field of her work was the opera. In the central parties of the famous operas of Western European composers, the feature of the gift of N. S. Semenova was manifested.

Possessing a good, though not outstanding voice, she had a beautiful appearance, plasticity, expression, the ability to elegantly and easily move, wear a theatrical costume, that is, those rare data on the opera scene that are brought up by the school of dramatic art. She also managed

to create images of cool, glittering secular beauties and virtuous nannies of peasant women.

However, the exclusivity of the position of the actress in the troupe was determined not so much by the stage gift as by the patronage of one of the greatest nobles of Pushkin’s time – Count VV Musin-Pushkin. They had three daughters.

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