Plum Orchard in Camideau by Ando Hiroshige

Plum Orchard in Camideau by Ando Hiroshige

In the Edo period, Camaydo-mura was a suburb of the capital. A special fame here was the unusual plum tree Garubai. The tree died after the 13th Meiji flood.

On the site where it grew, there is a memorial stele, the inscription reads: “At this place in the Edo period, the owner of the land Kie-mon broke a plum garden and called it” Umzyasiki “or” Seikoan. “The garden became known as a place of entertainment and contemplation of plum blossoms.

There was a famous plum tree in it, the branches of which were like a lying dragon: they hung down and went to the ground, and then, at a considerable distance, went outside, forming a new trunk… “This engraving was destined to play a role in the history of the western painting.

Vincent Van Gogh copied it, studying the pictorial techniques, composition structure and emotional structure of Ukiyo-e engraving, which at that time was perceived as the most characteristic form of art for Japan.

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