Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet

Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet

The painting “Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet Sun was written to them in the morning, during the artist’s stay in Le Havre, the town of his childhood. The painting depicts a morning sunrise at the port, a kind of symbol of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century.

According to some historians of art in the painting Monet’s “Sunrise impression” shows a port that can be seen from the windows of the hotel “Admiralty” Le Havre.

Monet painting has a rich history. At first, she did not want to accept criticism, considering the mediocre picture. But – the same picture was popular with

the public, it fell into the hands of private owners, resold for a ridiculous price.

In the foreground of the picture shows the sea in the blue-green colors, two fishing boats silhouette highlighted. Bold dark brush strokes and unexpressed silhouettes leaving boats give a clear sense of the depth of the sea. All colors used in the painting “Impression, Sunrise” dull, muted. The only bright spot in the whole canvas clear orange disk of the rising sun over the French town, deliquescent in troubled reflection sea water.

In the background, in gray-blue haze barely noticeable silhouette of sailing ships, cranes at the dock and smokestacks. The smoke from the chimneys indicated the north-east wind.

If you look closely, and the sun is not a bright spot. Art historians and scientists from Harvard University with the help of the photometer has been determined that the degree of brightness of the image of the sun and a piece of clear sky surrounding it, are at the same level. Features of the human retina perceive the orange color of the sun for a very bright spot in the picture.

Pale orange rays of the sun, mixed with dirty gray smoke practically give the picture clarity. In this area, no sunlight reigns, and the veil of industrial smoke hints artist.

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