Fresco triptych Crucifixion by Pietro di Cristoforo-Vanucci Perugino

Fresco triptych Crucifixion by Pietro di Cristoforo Vanucci Perugino

Probably, shortly before the start of work at the College del Cambio, in 1496 Perugino performed one of his best monumental works – the Crucifix fresco triptych. It consists of three, divided by columns and pilasters and inscribed in the arched framing of compositions: central – Crucifixion with Mary Magdalene and two side – Madonna with Saint Bernard and John the Theologian with Saint Jerome.

Lack of these three scenes, their austere simplicity, breadth and unobtrusive beauty, muted colors, a very generalized landscape panorama, sparseness of the composition, built on pauses, which creates a mood of awe of silence, make a striking contrast to the murals of College del Cambio and show the breadth of Perugino’s range of creativity.

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