Entrance to the quarry by Vincent Van Gogh

Entrance to the quarry by Vincent Van Gogh

While in Saint-Remy’s sanatorium, Van Gogh aspired to draw as much as possible. This had a beneficial effect on his health, helping to cope with negative feelings. Especially in this helped nature.

Near the hospital was an old quarry, the kind that inspired the artist to create a landscape. From the letters of Van Gogh it is clear that the result of the work he quite liked. The picture can be called quite harmonious in color scheme: thick saturated green colors are well combined with different shades of ocher and red. In the light colors acquire a bright yellow tint, which is enhanced in combination with the lilac sky.

The artist was interested not so much in form and outline, as harmonious color combinations. Expressed dark contours make the picture more clear and contrasting, to a certain extent, bringing it closer to the art of Japanese engraving. Uneven strokes convey a mood of anxiety and instability. Dark foliage surrounds ocher rocks with vortexes, making the composition completely closed and tight.

In the picture there is a touch of sadness, about which Van Gogh wrote, describing it in a letter to Theo. But in general, the work had a favorable effect on the artist.

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