Owl and Cat by Peter Blake

The painting “The Owl and the Cat” by Peter Blake is not an illustration to a children’s book, as it may seem at first glance. The squeaking feeling of the

ABC Junior by Peter Blake

The picture “ABC Younger” by Peter Blake is an amazingly bright, kind work. Written in a simple manner of primitivism, it is the same ingenious feelings that the spectator has.

Comedian with the ball by Peter Blake

A circus circus in Peter Blake’s painting travels the world, earning his hard bread. An elderly clown, more respectfully call him a comedian, shows his audience simple tricks. “Comedian with

On the balcony by Peter Blake

The painting “On the Balcony” was written by Peter Blake in 1957. The figures on the garden bench show the viewer four canvases written by like-minded Blake. Around the diverse

Toy Store by Peter Blake

In the picture “Toy Shop” by the English artist Peter Blake, who works in the style of pop art, the toy store is closed. The door to the castle, childhood

Tuesday by Peter Blake

Painting “Tuesday” – a nice sketch. Above the brightly colored stripes of the festive balcony with the inscription in large letters Tuesday is a billboard – the girl advertises a

Bebe Rainbow by Peter Blake

In the spirit of the time, the painting of the master of modern painting of Peter Blake “Bebe Rainbow” is written. He always managed to have good girlish faces with

Beduinka by Peter Blake

In the picture “Beduinka” shows the talent of the English artist as an original portraitist. With confident abstract strokes, breaking the picture, Peter Blake paints a portrait of a Bedouin