The Kitchen of Angels by Bartolomeo Esteban Murillo

The Kitchen of Angels by Bartolomeo Esteban Murillo

This work is one of 11 paintings showing the history of the mendicant order of the Franciscans. All pictures of the cycle illustrate amazing episodes from the life of Franciscans. The cheerful fantasy of the artist and the talent of the narrator are clearly manifested in the “Kitchen of Angels”.

The plot of the picture is a somewhat modified, embellished History of the second half of the 16th century. The Father Superior and guests look at the monastery’s kitchen, and an amazing vision opens up to their eyes: a monk Salvador soars in a golden light above the floor, and angels work in the kitchen. In the background of the canvas one can see a monk-guard numb from such an unusual picture, who entered the kitchen through the back door.

Each of the angels is endowed with a bright personality. One sedately stays on trays plates. His face is serious and focused. Here is a pair of little angels hovering over a basket: one chooses from the basket what the cook needs, and the other just pretends to be busy. He slyly turned to the viewer, and we notice a girl’s bow in his hair.

It feels like a demon before us or a pagan Amur. The artist perfectly coped with the transfer of space. The canvas is written very finely. Murillo is not afraid of color contrasts, riot of colors. “Bart. Est. Murillo made me. 1646”, – so the artist signed the picture proudly and had every right to do so. After her fame came to the painter.

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